30 tips for niche publishers: digital media on a shoestring

How can independent publishers in specialist markets take advantage of the opportunities on the web, mobile, social and email when resources are tight?

This selection of thirty practical tips has been gleaned from the experiences of innovative niche consumer and b2b publishers.

The full presentation is being given at Publishing Expo at 3pm on 28 February 2012 in a panel session led by me, Carolyn Morgan, MD Specialist Media Show, with Andy Marshall, MD Immediate Media Bristol and Rob Chambers, MD Total Telecom.

Do come along and listen to the full session, and ask your questions of the panel.  We’re in the Audience/Data Theatre, and it’s free to attend.

  1. Test tablets
  2. Repackage and recycle
  3. Value free
  4. Hold your nerve on prices
  5. Test short term promotions
  6. Go global
  7. Don’t forget e-readers
  8. Streamline content production
  9. Consider content curation
  10. Be search friendly
  11. Unearth your archive
  12. Get your audience talking
  13. Socialise your own site
  14. Sell tickets on twitter
  15. Test facebook mags
  16. Cross promote exhaustively
  17. Automate your emails
  18. Try video for email marketing
  19. Become a data geek
  20. Partner with advertisers
  21. Get enewsletters sponsored
  22. Establish a value for social
  23. Test out transactions
  24. Be a video magpie
  25. Connect your audience
  26. Create content from events
  27. Build an exclusive network
  28. Make print special
  29. Work closely with Apple
  30. Select suppliers strategically
There’s a PDF of the full presentation on the members section of the Specialist Media Show site.  It’s free to register to join the Specialist Media Network and there is plenty of other practical content there free for registered members.

About the author: Carolyn Morgan works with niche media businesses on their digital publishing and marketing strategy, through consulting firm Penmaen Media. Carolyn regularly writes for media trade press and speaks at conferences on the challenges of digital publishing.  She also runs the Specialist Media Show, a conference, exhibition and workshop programme for niche publishers.  Carolyn moderates the Specialist Media Network on LinkedIn, a community of over 800 niche publishers who swap ideas and contacts. Request to join here.

If you are a niche publisher and would like some advice on how to create a robust digital publishing strategy, please contact us for an initial discussion.