Five ideas for collecting email addresses

As a media owner, you already know the value of collecting email addresses – for your email newsletter, to cross-promote subscriptions, events, offers.  But these days people are more canny about providing a valid address.  Here are 5 ideas for offering value to visitors to your site that just might tempt them to provide their details…

1. Become a tester or reviewer

Fame is always appealing – and getting access to new products is equally intriguing.  Attract the early adopters and opinion formers by setting up a reviewers panel.

2. Enter a competition

Offer an attractive prize – or persuade your best advertiser to donate one – and ask for email details to confirm that an entry has been received.

3. Privileged offer

If one of your advertisers has a special, limited offer, ask for contact details to register interest.  Or better still, make these offers available only by email to an exclusive club.

4.  Receive Alerts

If you are wishing to buy or sell, or find out about something first, you’ll provide your contact details – email or even mobile number

5. Download a factsheet

To get the best possible information before making a major decision, such as buying a car or a camera or booking a holiday.

If you have some examples of how you’ve successfully collected email addresses, please click on comments and share.

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