5 predictions & 5 tips for publishers using social media

Most publishers now accept that it is obligatory to have a social media presence, but few have really worked out how to create business value from their activity on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.  The recent Specialist Media Insights research showed that some can now point to traffic, event ticket sales, ad revenue or even subs sales as a direct result of social media.  So if you are thinking of revamping your tactics, here’s my top 5 predictions and top 5 tips for publishers:

Top five social media predictions for publishers:

1. People will use their social media channels as news sources, bypassing traditional news organisations, so publishers have to provide other relevant content.

2. Linked in will replace traditional methods of recruitment, and a strong personal business network will be an important asset for staff.

3. Top columnists and editors will use social media to build their own personal brand, distinct from the media brand they work for.

4.  Editors will have to use social media as part of their research process and incorporate feedback and comments with their audience.

5. Publishing brands will be able to use their social media reach to generate value for their advertisers and sponsors.

Top five tips for publishers using social media:

1. Work out where your audience spend time, don’t get sucked into the latest social media fad; prioritise your activity.

2. Social media is a great way to publicise your free content and find new readers, driving traffic to your site.

3.  Find a way to measure the impact of your activity, eg ticket or subs sales, traffic or ad revenues.

4.  Use social media to listen to the experts in your community and encourage them to contribute content to your main publications.

5. Develop ways to trade up your social media audience to an email database or web registrations

About the author: Carolyn Morgan works with niche media businesses on their digital publishing and marketing strategy, through consulting firm Penmaen Media.Carolyn regularly writes for media trade press and speaks at conferences on the challenges of digital publishing.  She also runs the Specialist Media Show, a conference, exhibition and workshop programme for niche publishers.  Carolyn moderates the Specialist Media Network on LinkedIn, a community of over 1100 niche publishers who swap ideas and contacts. Request to join here.