Ten reasons for niche publishers to experiment on iPad

Independent publishers in specialist markets could be forgiven for thinking that there is no way they can access tablet publishing, but there are increasing numbers of suppliers offering low-cost routes for niche publishers to test this channel.  Larger companies may sneer at replica apps, but if you suspect there is an international audience for your content, they are a simple way to test the market.  Here’s ten good reasons you should consider testing iPad publishing:

1.      Affluent, international people use iPads

iPad owners are early adopters and are prepared to pay for good content. Plus, English language publishers are well placed to reach a global audience.

2.      Tablets work for magazine layouts

Replica magazines on iPhones were a bit of a novelty. But the easy zoom options of tablets mean that even a low-cost replica of your A4 magazine looks good.

3.      First past the post wins

If you believe your core audience are on this device, you can’t afford to let your competitor capture their details first.

4.      Personal data is simple to acquire

Most app providers now build in options to collect names and email addresses, so you can build your subscriber database and cross-promote other products.

5.      Advertisers are well catered for

iPad ads provide fabulous interactive opportunities for existing and new advertisers. Every market has pioneers ready to seize fresh opportunities.

6.      Switching is minimal

While iPad penetration is relatively low at 5-20%, depending on the market, cannibalisation of print copies is minimal.

7.      Special subs offers boost renewals

Providing free app editions for print subscribers bumps up renewal rates.

8.      Apple’s Newsstand gives publishers more prominence

Currently magazine apps can get lost in the app store. But with the new, dedicated Apple newsstand, readers will be able to find titles more easily and swiftly.

9.      Upfront investment rates are rolling back

Many suppliers are offering low set-up costs and revenue shares to encourage independent publishers to test the platform.

10.  Print and distribution costs are slashed

Using an app edition for overseas, voucher and association copies saves on print and distribution costs.

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About the author: Carolyn Morgan works with niche publishers to develop a bespoke, practical digital publishing strategy, across web, e-newsletters, social media, ipad and kindle, focussing on low-cost solutions and using your content assets cleverly.  As moderator of the Specialist Media Network, and founder of the Specialist Media Show, Carolyn has access to many case studies of other successful niche publishers which can help make your strategy more robust.  Find out more about her consulting business Penmaen Media, and get in touch directly for an initial, no-obligation discussion of your digital publishing ambitions.