How to save on your manufacturing, paper and print costs

Publishers who are prepared to think laterally about how their product is created and consumed by its readers have the opportunity to make savings on their manufacturing costs.  After a short meeting with David Foakes, print and production consultant, I had plenty of ideas on how publishers can take advantage of the opportunities available in the market, and transform their cost base.

1. Review production schedules

There may be advantages in reviewing when your magazine is manufactured, if you are prepared to review your schedules and be flexible you may make savings.

2. Change format

Plenty of publishers have experimented with travel size formats at the same cover price, or even made a one-off change to format, and secured savings.  As one of the core benefits of print is portability, consumers may be more receptive of more compact formats.  With subscriptions becoming more important to many publishers, finding a format that also provides postage savings is another consideration.  Not all printers can accomodate all format sizes, so you need some inside knowledge.

3. Consider alternative papers

With paper prices having risen significantly, it’s worth looking at alternatives that meet reader needs while helping your cost base.

4. Review your workflow and the new tools available

Savings can be made by improving your internal disciplines, new tools and workflow

5. Review your paper and print suppliers

Even if you don’t want to change publication date, format, paper or workflow, it’s always worth reviewing your supplier base.  New investments have been made and changed the landscape, so it may be possible by careful selection of suppliers to secure more cost effective solutions.

Every publisher’s situation is different.  David is offering a free telephone consultation for readers of this newsletter – just contact him on 07768 797243 mentioning Penmaen Media.

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