Survival tips for small publishers

A quote recently heard from one small publisher: “I’m in survival mode; I don’t have time to think about my website”.  An understandable sentiment, but maybe their web presence will help them stay in business, without spending a fortune with a developer.  Here are some ideas that won’t stretch your budget too much.

1. Publish useful free content, frequently

Work out what your consumers are worrying about, and attract more visitors to your site by posting useful free content: simple tips or helpful guides to the best value products and services. Either use your content management system, or set up a simple blog on wordpress or another system.  Make it clear this will be frequently updated, so there is a reason to keep checking the site.

2. Offer more value for email details

Package up helpful stuff like reviews or digests or guides, and offer it to visitors in return for email details.  Use a simple email newsletter to remind them of how useful you are. Keep doing this so they see the value of staying on your mailing list.  See my other blog  for more ideas on email address collection.

3. Promote subscriptions relentlessly

On your site and through any email communication, don’t miss a chance to push special subs offers.  Cash up front is very appealing in this climate!

4. Support your current advertisers

Provide your current advertisers with helpful content eg reviews for their own sites in return for a link back to yours.  Include an online directory listing for those who support your offline brand.

5. Find new advertisers

Make sure your site communicates the value of your brand, explains clearly what you offer to advertisers, and how they can find out more.

I’d be interested to hear your own top survival tips – just click on the comment link.

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