Ideas for collecting emails on a b2b site

New leads are the lifeblood of a b2b business – for promoting subscriptions, conferences, events and data services.  Here are 5 ideas for providing value to your site visitors in return for their contact details and preferences.1. Targeted news alerts and e-newsletters

If these are relevant and suitably targeted, it’s worth providing one’s contact details.  Sounds obvious, but hard to execute.  Worth investing in editorial resource to make them truly unique. does it well, and its newsletters have plenty of links back to the main site.

2. Tailored jobs alerts

The more targeted the better – but the search engine has to be accurate. has an extremely long checklist but users are prepared to complete it so they only get relevant jobs.

3. Free research reports

Can be written by your editorial staff or guest columnists.  Ask for profile information before emailing the link. – owned by Guardian News and media – is good at this

4. Surveys and panels

Flatter your users by inviting them to join an expert panel.  Creates great features and you can find out a lot about their profile and views.  NMA have executed this well with their JV with yougov – at

5. Events and conference alerts

Register your preferences and be reminded about upcoming events and conferences so you don’t miss a date.  Not really a b2b publisher, but does this well in the graduate recruitment market.

I’d be keen to hear about your experiences in email collection – just click on the comment button.

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