How to use your media brand to promote your website

A media brand – magazine, newspaper, radio station, TV channel – is a hugely powerful marketing tool.  Media owners frequently underestimate the value of the trust that their readers place in their recommendations.  Before you spend a fortune promoting externally, make sure you have fully exploited your in-house promotion.  Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1. Competitions and freebies

Promote competitions & freebies in your core brand, but offer easy online entry.  Don’t forget to collect readers’ email addresses!

2. Your reviews

Your editorial team can review products and places in your core brand; then invite your readers to share their ratings and reflections online, and read the comments of other like-minded people.

3. Surveys and votes

Give readers a chance to express their views on topical issues – provide an easy link to a short survey or vote, and an opportunity to find out what their peers think.  You can also start a forum discussion.

4. Read the article? Now watch the video!

Add an extra dimension to big features or celeb interviews by publicising a link to a video clip on your site with “bonus material” – the making of the feature, the interview, demo of a new product.  If your media brand is broadcast, then offer downloadable factsheets.

5. Comments and feedback

Encourage comments and feedback on all your features – add a standard link and make it easy to use.  Also offer right of reply on Q&A’s and letters pages.

I’d be keen to hear of your best examples of promotion from your media brand.  Just click the comment button.

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