Five ideas for reverse publishing

Publishers are rightly focussed on how to publish their print content on their site.  But how much effort do they put into using their site to create interesting print content?  Here are five ideas on how to use your site to generate compelling editorial.

1. Competitions

Use the site to run a photo competition; users can easily upload their pics, you can pick the winners and publish them in the magazine.  Somehow the magazine still has greater kudos.

2. Product and venue reviews

Select user reviews on products or venues you are featuring in print and include the quotes and ratings

3. Tips and answers

Run a Q&A service on the site, and pick out the most popular questions to publish in the magazine.  Ask users to provide their tips on a particular subject.

4. Classifieds

If you run a private classified system, keep a look out for the top bargains – whether houses, caravans or second-hand gear – and interesting stories.  Publish as the Editor’s choice.  It worked well for LOOT in the ’80s!

5. Surveys and votes

Ask your users what they think of topical issues – publish the results in print. Or ask them to vote on their favourite products or places and use this to generate a Top 10.

I’d love to hear about how you use these ideas to reverse publish.  Just click on the comment button.

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