Helping your print ad team sell your website successfully

Your print ad teams have invaluable market knowledge and strong relationships with key advertisers. Yet they lack digital skills, and there is the risk that in selling across both media, one will be undervalued. Here are 5 tips on making the digital transition successfully.

1. Involve the ad team in planning the new site

Consult your ad team when you design the new site – they will know what budgets advertisers have and what they might be able to sell. They’ll be able to persuade clients to give feedback , and will feel part of the project team.

2. Recruit one digital expert/ advocate per team

You need someone who has real digital experience, including agencies if that is part of your revenue mix. They need to have the authority within the team to share ideas and lead by example. The same advocate can move from market to market if you have a phased roll-out.

3. Invest in training your whole ad team

No alternative to this one. It’s cheaper than recruitment fees, and builds on market knowledge and client relationships. There are many excellent providers; I can highly recommend Circus Street.

4. Develop materials to help sell the multi-media opportunity to your print advertisers

It’s not just the ad execs who need training. Make it easy for your print advertisers to understand how to get the most from multi-media using case studies and examples. You’ll get better rates from your current clients who value your brand and editorial than you will from networks who just buy on traffic.

5. Make sure bonuses are aligned

Beware of perverse incentives to starve print or web to meet the monthly target. Ideal is on total client revenue, regardless of platform, or market share if you can measure it accurately. Provide special rewards for innovative multi-media deals.

I’d be interested to hear of your experiences in selling across print and web; if you have stories to share just click on the comment button.

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