How to get your print editorial team supporting your web site

Your editorial team is already under pressure getting the magazine out each month and watching their print competitors. How can you convince them to change their working practices and also help build content and a community online? Here are five tips for success.

1. Enlist a respected senior editor as an advocate

Nothing works as well as seconding a respected editor onto your web project so they become an enthusiastic advocate within the team. On their return they need to be given the power to change work flow and job descriptions so the web is part of the job, not an extra task. Make it clear that supporting the website is not optional.

2. Prove that the web can drive sales and subs of the magazine

Forget the hype of traffic and page impressions. Demonstrate through hard facts that the web drives new people to buy the magazine.

3. Show how the web can generate editorial features for the magazine

Position the website as a useful resource for editorial teams, not just as extra workload. Show how it can save the editorial team’s time, eg on competition entries or running surveys. See my blog on reverse publishing for more ideas.

4. Reinvent work flow – and provide the right systems

Review how each editorial person spends their time, and re-invent their work flow so web content is created alongside print features. Ensure your CMS is easy to use – remotely as well as in the office.

5. Import new skills and offer training to all

Bring in expertise on video production, simple html, forum moderation, writing for SEO…..and more. Offer training on these skills to the whole team.

I’m keen to hear about your experiences in running web and print content with the same editorial team. Just click on the comment button.

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